To begin your Pilates training, we highly recommend booking Private Sessions to introduce you to the amazing benefits of Pilates. Your private session will be tailored to your level and goals, as well as give you a chance to experience a Pilates session with one of our highly trained instructors.

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People of all ages and physical conditions can benefit from Pilates. Because it is so safe and effective, Pilates is ideal for general fitness, cross-training with other forms of sport and exercise and injury rehabilitation and prevention. You will experience increased muscle strength and flexibility as the system of precise exercises re-patterns muscle movement and re-aligns the body, eliminating tension, stress and chronic pain while improving posture and balance. Instruction is one-on-one or in small groups, so it is easily tailored for your specific needs and goals. Pilates Kauai utilize highly specialized Pilates Method equipment including the reformer, Cadillac, barrel, half-barrel and wunda chair.


Pilates for Men | Created by a man, for men, Pilates helps to develop core strength, flexibility, balance, uniform development, and efficient movement patterns.

Pilates for Endurance Athletes | A strong and stable core makes you more efficient and less prone to overuse injuries. Pilates also focuses on correcting muscular imbalances and promotes proper alignment and posture.

Pilates for Pre and Post Pregnancy | Pilates offers safe and effective exercise for women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth. Benefits include better body awareness, relief of back pain, increasing pelvic floor control and strength, and assisting with re-connecting with the abdominals postpartum.

Pilates for Golfers | By increasing core strength & flexibility Pilates can help you enhance your golf game. With full body conditioning Pilates can also help to correct muscular imbalances and reduce the chance of injuries.

Pilates for Surfers | Increased muscle coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance will help your overall performance in the water, while also reducing your risk of common injuries related to the high-impact nature of surfing and overuse of certain muscle groups. Pilates will also help to correct muscle imbalances developed through surfing.

Pilates for Injuries | Through adaptive exercises and increased body awareness, Pilates can be a safe way to exercise during recovery. Through proper alignment and correcting muscle imbalances, Pilates can help to reduce the risk of future injuries as well.
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