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Laurie Antonellis at Pilates Kauai

Laurie Antonellis

Laurie has been a certified Pilates instructor since 1998. She trained at the Physical Mind Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the largest organization for certification, membership and materials of the Pilates Method. Laurie learned the mechanics of movement when she studied dance in New York and Boston. She acquired the gift of instruction as a certified personal fitness trainer and aerobics instructor. And she gained intimate knowledge of the body's muscular and skeletal system as a certified massage therapist. All these experiences blend to give Laurie a special gift as a Pilates trainer. Her instruction is clear and she as an eye for correct and incorrect movement. Laurie trains her students with encouragement and inspiration.




Nicole Miller at Pilates Kauai

Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller loves the integrative and empowering nature of Pilates for whole health ~ body, mind, heart and spirit. From 2002-2005 she trained and acted as personal assistant to her mentors Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel at The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado. During this time Nicole was in a car accident, and utilized the Pilates method as the major part of her restorative process. She gained an experiential appreciation for the healing nature of Pilates. From 2006-2008 she taught, acted as student advisor and received her master’s certification at The Pilates Center. Since then she has enjoyed splitting her time, and sharing her work, between Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts; Paris, France; and Kauai, HI. In 2011, Nicole completed her massage training at The Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork, which has further informed her knowledge of the body and hands on approach.



Michelle Thomas at Pilates Kauai

Michelle Thomas

Michelle has been practicing Pilates for 15 years, teaching for 10. Diagnosed with Scoliosis as an adolescent, Michelle started looking for treatments and alternatives to surgery and wearing a full back brace 23 hours a day. Michelle found Pilates similar to ballet movement, and later help strengthen her triathlon training. Michelle has studied with STOTT Pilates, Polestar Pilates, Balance Body University and Powerhouse Pilates and is currently certified with Pilates Method Alliance.





Carolyn Bowman at Pilates Kauai

Carolyn Bowman

Carolyn Bowman began practicing Pilates 17 years ago in Denver, Colorado. Her passion for Pilates led her to became a certified Peak Peak Pilates® instructor in 2011.
The mat and equipment exercises she teaches focus on the traditional works of Joseph Pilates which improve your flexibility, posture, strength and overall health. She is a sports enthusiast who believes that balance in the body is the best prevention to avoid injuries. Her teaching goal is to use her knowledge and skills to inspire others to transform their lives and bodies through Pilates. Her fun energetic instruction is effective and encouraging because everybody can do it.






Krista Martin

Krista Martin is a Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor, who completed her training at Pilates Training Center Hawaii. She grew up on the island of Kauai living a very active lifestyle. She has been trained in English equestrian riding since the age of 5, and is an accomplished hunter jumper. Krista discovered Pilates while searching for an effective way to strengthen her body and increase flexibility. As an outgoing and caring instructor, Krista always puts her clients first and provides them with an enjoyable and productive workout.






Gina Vogel

Gina is a Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor (mat work, equipment, and ISP (injuries and special populations). She completed her training at Pilates Training Center Hawaii. Gina was raised on the island of Kauai. She is an avid equestrian rider, and a fitness enthusiast. With her athletic background, and experience in fitness, health and wellness, she aims to share her passions and the benefits of Pilates with others. Gina inspires others to build strength and endurance, improve posture, prevent injuries, and to maintain active and healthy lifestyles.






Nicki Brewer

Nicki began practicing Pilates in 2004, while attending the University of San Diego. After graduating with a Business Degree and working in the Action Sports industry for several years, she elected to enroll in the BASI Pilates® Teacher Training Course as a way to combine her Marketing experience and education with her new love for Pilates—the goal became learning how to spread the word about Pilates.
"After my first class I remember leaving, feeling energized, lengthened, and far more aware of my posture and body. I loved it! But what really hooked me was seeing that Pilates was helping me do all of the things I love (riding bikes, running, playing volleyball, being active and OUTSIDE whenever the sun is shining) by helping to avoid injuries, improving my core strength and balance, and constantly challenging different muscles."

* Certified in 2010, BASI® (Body Arts and Science international) | * Pre & Post Natal Certification, BASI




Doreen Murphy

Meet Doreen, the studio Manager at Pilates Kauai. As a Pilates Kauai client for over 10 years, and Pilates student for over 20, we are happy to announce that Doreen has finally joined the Pilates Kauai team!
Questions, comments or feedback? Don't hesitate to give her a call or email at 808.639.3074 | info@pilateskauai.com





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